South-East Asia Mapping

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In this Topic, we have covered the South-East Asian Countries along with important water bodies & facts that you must not miss.

South-East Asia is divided into two parts: Mainland & Maritime

List of Countries – Capitals

Mainland South-East Asia

  1. Myanmar – Naypyidaw
  2. Thailand – Bangkok
  3. Laos – Vientiane
  4. Cambodia – Phnom Penh
  5. Vietnam – Hanoi
  6. Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur

If we arrange the capitals of Mainland South-East Asia from North to South, the order would be Hanoi -> Naypyidaw -> Vientiane -> Bangkok -> Phnom Penh -> Kuala Lumpur.

All countries of South-East Asia except Laos are on the Sea Coast. Laos is a land-locked country.

Note: Malaysia lies both in Mainland & Maritime South-East Asia categories.

Maritime South-East Asia

  1. Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur
  2. Singapore – Singapore Island
  3. Indonesia – Jakarta
  4. Brunei – Bandar Seri Begawan
  5. Phillipines – Manila

Indonesia is the largest Archipelago in the world. An archipelago is a group of islands.

All 10 countries of South-East Asia together formed a group called ASEAN.

ASEAN is the Association of the South-East Asian Nations.

Out of the 10 countries, the Equator passes through Indonesia only.

Important Water Bodies

  1. South-China Sea (highly disputed)
  2. Strait of Malacca (very famous as a key International trade route)
  3. Bay of Bengal & Andaman Sea are also very close to South-East Asia
  4. Sulu Sea, Celebes Sea, Philippines Sea, Banda Sea.
  5. Gulf of Tonkin – between China & Vietnam

South-China Sea is highly disputed between various countries of South-East Asia & China as all countries claim some or all of it to get exclusive rights as EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zones) as part of the treaty of UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea)

China refers to a 9 dash line from an old Chinese map & claims almost all of the sea.

Some disputed islands of the South-China Sea are Spratly Islands, Scarborough Shoal, Paracel Islands etc.

Rivers of South-East Asia

  1. Mekong – Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam
  2. Irrawaddy – Myanmar
  3. Salween – Myanmar, Thailand

Physical Features

  1. Arakan Yoma Mts. – Myanmar
  2. Peru Yoma Mts. – Myanmar
  3. Dilauktaung Range – Myanmar & Thailand
  4. Shan Plateau – Myanmar