India Netherlands Relations: A Land of Opportunities? | Full Analysis

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PM Narendra Modi visited Netherlands on June 27, 2017. He said that India is a land of opportunities for Netherlands as well as other European Countries. Let’s analyse this statement.

  • He talked with his Dutch counterpart, Mark Rutte to strengthen bilateral ties.
  • 2017 marks 70 years of establishment of Indo-Dutch diplomatic relations.
  • Agenda of talks:
    • Economic Relations
    • India’s NSG membership
    • Counter-Terrorism
    • Climate Change
    • Water and Waste management
    • Agriculture and Food Processing
    • Renewable Energy
    • Ports and Shipping
    • Life Sciences etc.
  • 3 MoU were signed on Social Security, Water Cooperation and Cultural Cooperation.

Benefits for India

  • India will benefit in the fields of trade, technology, creating jobs and strengthening relations with it’s diaspora.
  • Economic Relations
    • Netherlands is India’s sixth largest trading partner in the European Union.
    • Netherlands is India’s 3rd largest FDI source
  • Dutch expertise in the field of climate change, water and waste management, agriculture and food processing, renewable energy and life sciences will help India in fulfilling its developmental needs.
  • The Prime Minister talked to various CEOs and this would help in bringing Technology, Investment and Employment Opportunities to India.
  • There is clear focus on issues like cleaning river Ganga, enhancing basin management, Pollution Control, flood management, Make in India etc by Netherlands.
  • Strong bilateral ties would help from Governance of Cyberspace to Governance of Seas..
  • It is a hub for Indian exports (20%) in Europe.
  • In Haryana – Dutch innovators are working towards water efficient high yielding crops.
  • India wants to double its food production through agriculture and Netherlands has the most efficient and intensive agricultural technologies, cold storage facilities in the world.

Benefits for Netherlands

  • Netherlands is the 5th largest investment partner of India.
  • Indian tourists are finding Netherlands a better holiday destination now with an increase by 30% due to daily and direct flights.
  • More students, tourists, businessmen are now going to Netherlands.
  • Netherlands will need India to outsource work due to it’s ageing population and to reap India’s demographic dividend.
  • India is a fast growing economy and this brings ample opportunities for Netherlands to invest, outsource technology and improve trade relations with India even further.
  • India has developmental needs and Dutch have the expertise to fulfil those needs through their state-of-the-art technology. They see India as a lucrative market.
  • Netherlands is looking to establish itself as India’s “Gateway to Europe”.

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