Recruitment Drive for Content Writers

Hello everyone,

Hope you are doing well. We are extremely excited about the overwhelming response that we got from all of you. It has been a dream start. We are reaching out to more and more students with our agenda of Quality & Cost-Effective Education.

Yes, you are the key element to our success. Our sentiments are deeply attached to yours and we want to ensure that you learn and progress without any breaks. We totally understand how difficult it is to continue preparing in today’s time where the cost of preparing (in or away from your home) is extremely high. We want to help reduce your burden as much as we can and build up momentum to your preparation in an even better way.

This is why when we decided to hire Content-Writers, the first thought that we had was why not hire amongst our users? This would help us understand our audience better and in return help you with a salary for your hard work.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? (other than monetary compensation)

  • When you make Content for us, you indirectly strengthen your concepts and fast-track your preparation almost 10 times.
  • If you write regularly and with responsibility, you maintain regularity in your preparation.
  • You gain satisfaction that you are doing something valuable for the society as your work would reach to students in various cities, towns, villages of India.
  • You revise concepts faster than ever, learn the art of writing and move closer towards living your dream of being an IAS officer.
  • We know that you are capable of cracking this exam, but it is always good to have a backup option. We help you achieve this by giving you a valuable work experience (along with a work-experience certificate) while you prepare.
  • You get an opportunity to sit in our office and work with our team. This would help you sharpen your skills in an awesome way.
  • We train you personally both for your exam & your backup option. Deserving candidates get the opportunity to explore other departments in our team as well.
  • Have a look at our office Location (Gurgaon): Fully AC, Wifi, Free Coffee & Tea for you. Employees from amazing Startups & Companies like PayTM, Zomato, Cox & Kings are just next to us.


WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO? (as part of my job)

  • You’ll be working as our Part-Time Content Writer. Basically, you’ll be creating content for UPSC Civil Services Exam just as you make notes for yourself. We will train you how to do it.
  • You’ll be working from our office once a week (9 hours in that day / roughly 3-5 times a month) & 5 days a week from your home (4-5 hours a day). Sunday will be a holiday.
    • We don’t want to over-burden you. Hence, we decided that candidates would be comfortable devoting time from home while they prepare and use the compensation as an extra income to meet their expenditures.
  •  Most importantly, you will have to be honest and show responsibility to your commitments.


  • The range of compensation is between INR 4000 to INR 7000 per month based on your level of knowledge and success in previous exams.
  • Candidates who prove to be outstanding and a great value addition might be compensated more. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to be exceptional. This is not a requirement).


Fill up this form and someone from our team will get in touch with you.

P.S – Just fill up this form & continue studying at CivilCoursify. We might contact you someday (Monday-Friday : 10 am to 7pm). Please don’t feel disheartened if you don’t get a call as you are equally important to us. It is just that we don’t deserve you at this point of time.

Thank You


  1. Vicky Kumar

    Hello Civil coursify,
    I have filled your form, hoping to get response soon.
    I am excited to work with you . Your way of teaching is so cool.
    Love from me!
    Thanks !