About Us

We are a small team at Samajho Learning working day and night to provide quick, easy and cost-effective solutions to students preparing for various exams. Our journey has been short but very exciting till now and we promise that we will leave no stone unturned to provide the best products for Competitive Exams Preparation.

Our Team



Samajho Learning (CivilCoursify) & Delsquare Sigma Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are the brain-child of Rohit Dagar who believes that aspirants need smart solutions for exam preparation and these solutions need to be cost-effective (if not free). At CivilCoursify, he looks at Product, Content, Marketing & Design. Rohit is an Engineering Grad from NSIT, Delhi University and has varied experience working with e-learning Startups. Other than working at CivilCoursify, he loves Cycling and Photography.



Shanul is so amazing at handling PHP and Javascript that he can code while deep asleep. And that too without bugs (according to him). He takes car of Desktop Web and Mobile Web. Shanul is an Engineering Grad from NSIT, Delhi University. Other than dreaming of new algorithms to make his code simple and effective, he likes travelling, sight-seeing and listening to music.



Nitin is our star Android guy. He is one of those who know what they are up to and is always willing to learn new Technological Advancements. He never says no to anything and makes us feel as if android development is a child's play (it might be for him but not for us). Nitin is a Computer Science Grad from NSIT, Delhi University. He likes Reading and listening to Music.